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New business ideas need new business cards. Where do I go?

Check out VistaPrint’s awesome offers

I recently had to create some business cards for my crafts business (that I’m trying to start) and balked at some of the prices that were quoted by some companies. A friend of mine had suggested I look into VistaPrint, as she had used them for her photography business. She assured me that she found a great price, so I took some time to look into it.

Right away I took notice of the very reasonable prices (expecting a catch, of course) but decided to order a set of cards along with a stamp and address labels. IT was nice to be able to customize them multiple ways. I came to the part where I had to check out, and was beyond pleased with the final price.

I have to admit, I was entirely shocked with how fast my order came! Everything came as detailed, and was great quality. I’ve already been seeing a difference in the volume of response I’m getting, which is crucial for me considering that I’m trying to gain some consumers for a new business venture. I will certainly have to order from them again!

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One elusive situation (working from home)

So, my personal situation has put me in a rather interesting situation. For those who haven’t yet read the previous posts, here’s a summary: I decided to take a leap of faith and go from the US to South Africa … Continue reading

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Fast Forward

I know I left you hanging, but I’m back with news. Everything I was worried about…..well, I didn’t need to be. Every sacrifice I made was totally worth it. And, somehow, I’ve found myself happily (if not luckily) in love … Continue reading

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