Culinary Therapy

So, I had a really depressing couple of days. My boyfriend is suddenly in defense mode, and I’m left wondering what the hell is going on. So what do I do? I bake.

Before things got strange, he had challenged me to repurpose some orange pulp that was left over from him using his new juicer. I had a hell of a time finding orange cake recipes (which was what I initially had in mind) so I decided to use a yellow cake recipe that I keep on standby, but added an extra 1/2 cup of flour to my plan.

First, I needed to create the orange glaze I intended to use. I could have tried to make the cake itself more orange in flavor, but without actual orange juice I knew it was going to be tough. I took about a cup of the pulp and a cup and a half of water and brought it to a boil on the stove. I cut some of the rinds into long strips (for whatever reason, my boyfriend hadn’t tossed them yet) and added them to the mixture. The fruit naturally has pectin in it, and I wanted to maximize the jelly like state it would cause the glaze to go into. Once it was boiling, I added a 1/2 cup of sugar, a tablespoon of vanilla essence, and a cup of rum (this can be more or less to taste).

I let it cook for an hour with the lid on. Towards the end, I used a wooden spoon to “smoosh” the orange peels, so I’d get more pectin out of it. I could tell it was a slightly thicker consistency, which was perfect.

When I was done cooking it, I added 1/4 cup margarine and 3/4 cups of icing sugar, and stirred it well…..along with another dash of rum (I can’t help that I’m a rum girl). I put the mixture to the side to cool.

I went ahead and make my cake batter from a standard yellow cake recipe. I added 6 heaping soup spoonfuls of the glaze mix (I was experimenting at this point) to counteract the extra flour. I was hoping that it would help make the cake extra moist. After pouring the batter into a square pan, I added 5 spoonfuls of the glaze into the batter, and swirled it around with a knife.

(LMAO I didn’t even realize the mess in the background >.<)

Ok, so I stuck the cake in the oven and baked it about 50-55 minutes (until I inserted a toothpick and it came out rather clean).

I let it cool off, then popped it out onto a dish. I did not flip it over, because I wanted the orange swirl to be upwards….besides it looked nicer. Once I had it on the dish, I started spooning large amounts of the glaze over the top and near the edges of the cake. Think of it as “basting” the cake in the glaze. I had several hours before the cake was going to be served, so I wanted to to soak in the orange goodness in the meantime. By the time I was done, the cake had a nice thick layer of glaze, and I could see it being soaked in the crevices and along the bottom of the cake. It smelled awesome.

Afterwards, I made my version of a cornish pie (because we didn’t have half the stuff I needed) by browning beef (seasoned with mixed herbs), and sauteed some carrots, onions, celery (also seasoned with mixed herbs). I spooned the browned beef into the bottom of a pyrex pan, followed by the layer of veggies. Then, I chopped up some tomatoes and layered them on top of the veggies. I put that to the side and made mashed potatoes (with butter, a cup of milk and more mixed herbs and salt/pepper to taste- I wanted it a slightly soupy consistency). I threw in an egg and mixed it all together, then poured/spooned it over the rest of the layers. Added some thin pieces of cheddar cheese on top and made a cute decoration with thinly sliced tomatoes….and viola! Popped that bad boy in the oven for about 15 minutes at 180 c.  It came out perfect.


About Sara Skinner

I'm a full time home-based professional eager to teach others that professional freedom is out there....just as long as you know to look for it. I also write about my life as a wife, superhero and stepmom.
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