The Motivation

Ah, so some wonder why I’m going through all of these efforts to venture to South Africa….I won’t lie, it’s largely to explore a possibility with someone that I value as much more than a friend.

39 days until I’m there. 39 days to get things in order, to get my courage together and to better some things about myself, from an internal perspective. 39 days until I can stand in front of the one person who has driven me and supported me throughout this process.

The water fasting will be a struggle. I have had to start out with eating one light meal, while drinking large quantities of water throughout the day. Tomorrow, it’s cold turkey time. And I won’t be stepping on the scale every day, obsessing. I’ve no time for that.

It’s hard to explain why I’m so smitten with someone I’ve yet to experience in person, but there isn’t a doubt in my mind that I’ve been put on this path for a reason.

So, I’m trying to soothe my nerves…because all of these stresses will likely be forgotten once we’re face to face.


About Sara Skinner

I'm a full time home-based professional eager to teach others that professional freedom is out there....just as long as you know to look for it. I also write about my life as a wife, superhero and stepmom.
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